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The Anacortes Museum’s Maritime Heritage Center features exhibits on our local fishing and shipbuilding industries. Established as part of the city’s commitment to care for the W.T. Preston, the Maritime Heritage Center opened in April 2005, culminating a dream that began in 1999. The center includes artifacts, models, graphic displays and historical text all related to the three snagboats that maintained the area’s navigable rivers, as well as an ADA-access ramp to the W.T. Preston.

In addition, celebrate the 2010 America’s Cup-winning yacht USA 17 and the Anacortes craftsmen who built this technological marvel at a new exhibit at the Anacortes Maritime Heritage Center. Learn a bit about the amazing specifications of this space-age sailing craft and about the cloak-and-dagger nature of the construction. The exhibit includes a large wind-tunnel model of the USA 17, samples of the carbon composites used in its construction, and pieces that were removed to make it faster.
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