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to Victoria, BC, Canada.

In mid-August, 2011, we took a timeout mini-vacation/visit to Victoria, BC, a two and a half hour ferry ride from Anacortes.

While there, this beautiful Russian Cadet Training schooner, Pallada, pulled into the "harbour" on a world tour from Vladivostok, Russia to Alaska, Victoria, SF, LA, San Diego, Hawaii and a final stop in Japan.

Here are the stats on the Pallada:

Flag: Russia
Rig: Full-rigged ship
Homeport: Vladivostok, Russia
Normal cruising waters: Worldwide
Sparred length: 356' 4"
Draft: 22' 4"
Beam: 45' 9"
Hull: Steel

Pallada is the fifth ship of the Dar Mlodziezy-class built in Gdarmsk, Poland during the 1980’s. Unlike her white- hulled sisters, Pallada has a black hull with false gunports and resembles the great Russian Barque Kruzenshtern. She is named for the Greek goddess Pallas Athena. She is owned by Dalryba, a conglomerate of fishing companies, and offers sail training to foreign marine-college cadets
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