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US National Weather Service claims smoke haze from deadly inferno has crossed the Pacific.
The wind whipped blazes killed 30 people in Siberia after farmers burned dried grass but the fires got out of control. The damage was especially acute in Khakassia republic where 1,328 homes were destroyed or badly damaged; leaving 4.694 people without shelter, but the area around the city of Chita was also badly hit.

As well as killing 30, two people were reported missing.

Sunsets in Washington State were reported to be orange tinted or pink or red in color. Experts say the cause is the Siberian fires, a repeat of stunning sunsets seen in 2012. 'The scenes have almost felt like they're out of Hollywood imagination - brilliant red sunrises and sunsets the last couple of days around Western Washington,' reported KomoNews.

'Why so red? It's a byproduct of the massive wildfires that recently burned a large area in Siberia. 'The atmospheric winds are aligned this week to carry the smoke across the Pacific Ocean and into the Pacific Northwest'.
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