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Created 7-May-15
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In a nutshell, Makena Landing is scenic, calm and perfect for launching a kayak, snorkeling, shore dives/fishing or just taking a casual swim. The minus is that there is not much sand, but there are respectable showers, restrooms and ample parking.

The area is incredibly scenic and the beach sand slopes gently in to the bay with usually minimal wave action, except during large summer swells. There are also plenty of sea turtles and the snorkeling and shore diving gets progressively better the further out on the northern side to Nahuna Point. There is also plenty of sea life and a shallow reef to explore in the large bay.

FYI, the latter pix of rocky shoreline are typically sandy beachfront. However, this year, recent storms have washed all that sandy beachfront out to sea. Not to worry though, give it a couple of months and all will be restored to normal in southwest Maui.

Turtles say "Hi"!!!
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