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Created 29-Aug-12
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Come aboard the Schooner Zodiac for a unique sailing experience in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The 160 ft windjammer Schooner Zodiac sets sail for adventures in the scenic waters of Puget Sound, San Juan and Gulf Islands from March through November.

With a main mast that towers over twelve stories high and the largest working mainsail on the north coast, the gaff-rigged two-masted tall ship Schooner Zodiac is a living, working piece of maritime history. Her decks and beams are living testament to the wide array of faces and places this Windjammer has seen on her 88 year journey.

The Zodiac is a classic 160 ft Coastguard certified vessel, operated by a licensed captain and experienced team of volunteer crew members. She departs her dock in Bellingham, Washington for a wide variety of public and private charters, as well as evening and day sails from spring through fall, exploring the pristine anchorages of the San Juan Islands and Canadian Gulf Islands.
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