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Makawao Union Church is a church near Makawao on the Hawaiian island of Maui. It was founded by New England missionary Jonathan Smith Green during the Kingdom of Hawaii. The third historic structure used by the congregation was designed by noted local architect C.W. Dickey and dedicated in 1917 as the Henry Perrine Baldwin Memorial Church.

The frame church was razed in 1916 and construction began immediately on a new Gothic Revival style structure. The new building was designed by architect Charles William Dickey (1871–1942), whose mother was Emily Baldwin's sister. It has been called "one of his more outstanding works."

The stone church was dedicated September 2, 1917. It was about the same size as the frame building, and also used the original Paliuli Mill foundation.

The walls were built of reinforced concrete with native basalt lava rock veneer. The roof was covered in slate from Vermont. Four stained glass windows and the bell were reused from the old building. A Seth Thomas clock has three faces on the Norman style tower. The main entry is through oak doors in the tower.

On June 29, 1985, Makawao Union Church was placed on the Hawaii Register of Historic Places and on December 17, 1985, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places listings in Hawaii.
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